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Whether your matter involves construction defects, catastrophic property damage, or premises liability, you need a qualified construction consultant and expert with both engineering design and hands-on field experience to prevail.

HG Cornerstone offers construction consulting and construction defects expert witness services that are proven and trusted by top litigators. Put our 30+ years of practicle experience to work for you!

HG Cornerstone Construction Expert Witness Construction Consultant Forensic Engineer Forensic Engineering Firm Construction Defects Expert Witness Construction Defects Consultant

HG Cornerstone's Services, Comprehensive & Nationwide

HG Cornerstone is a nationally recognized and trusted professional construction consultant, construction defects expert witness and forensic engineering firm.

We specialize in building construction litigation, design-related litigation, catastrophic property damage insurance claims, surety claims, environmental contamination matters, real estate and housing issues, construction accident and injury litigation, and premises accidents and injuries.

We work with clients in every facet of the construction, design, insurance, and surety industries including:

Law Firms & Litigators  |  Corporate In-House Counsel  |  Insurance Companies  |  Sureties  |  General Building Contractors  |  Subcontractors  |  Architects & Engineers  |  Construction Managers  |  Building Products & Equipment Manufacturers  |  Construction Materials Manufacturers  |  Construction Products, Materials & Equipment Suppliers  |  Building Owners & Investors  |  Property Developers  |  REITs  |  Business Owners  |  Municipalities & Government Agencies  |  Physically Injured Parties

Our consulting services span the entire claims process from initial claims evaluation through to mediation, arbitration, or litigation, as required. We also provide construction consulting services that focus on risk management and improved internal controls.

HG Cornerstone Construction Expert Witness Construction Consultant Forensic Engineer Forensic Engineering Firm Construction Defects Expert Witness Construction Defects Consultant

HG Cornerstone provides comprehensive construction expert witness services associated with insurance claims and civil litigation.

Our Construction Expert Witness services include:

  • Construction Defects Expert
  • Insurance Claims & Premises Liability Expert
  • Expert Opinions
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Expert Engineer’s Reports
  • Site Investigations & Assessments
  • Engineering Evaluations & Assessments
  • Insurance Claims Evaluations
  • Damage Analysis & Quantification
  • Cause & Extent of Failure Analysis
  • Forensic Engineering Investigations
  • Forensic Evidence Examination
  • Physical Evidence Testing
  • Physical Injury Investigations
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Construction Consulting
  • Client-Customized Services


Our forensic engineering services are fine-tuned to directly and effectively locate and identify the cause or causes of failure and are typically offered in conjunction with our expert witness services but not always.

Our forensic engineering services are applied to investigate the cause and extent of failure, or alleged failure, associated with:

  • Construction Defects
  • Construction Materials Defects, Failure, Composition & Performance
  • Building Products Composition & Performance
  • Building Equipment & Components (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Window, Door)
  • Structures & Structural Components
  • Construction Means & Methods
  • Heavy Construction Equipment Performance
  • Architect’s & Engineer’s Errors & Omissions
  • Construction Project Records
  • Seismic Movement
  • Storm, Wind and Fire Damage
  • Ground-Induced Construction Vibrations
  • Ground Movement, Slope Failures, & Geotechnical Issues
  • Environmental Releases

We also apply our forensic engineering capabilities to retrace site or premises conditions and applied procedures or processes leading to accidents, injuries or loss of life including those associated with tools, ladders, scaffolding, heavy equipment, machinery, code violations, OSHA safety violations, ADA violations, or similar situations.

We employ state-of-the-art investigative techniques and equipment to perform site investigations, documentation of conditions, evidence collection, evidence examination, forensic testing, and accident reconstruction, among other things.


As a construction consultant, HG Cornerstone combines relevant, research-based consulting and advisory services for multifamily apartment, condominium, mixed-use, retail, commercial, and industrial real estate planning, design, development and building construction.

We consistently help our real estate investor clients reduce and control risk and solve technically challenging design, development and construction related problems. With over 30 years of site development involvement, engineering practice and hands-on construction oversight and experience, we are uniquely positioned to help.

Our construction consulting services include consulting and advisory involving:

  • Third-Party Construction Consultant
  • Engineering Design Support
  • Building & Site Construction Means & Methods
  • Existing Building Condition Assessments & Evaluations
  • Building Construction Claims Support
  • Dispute Resolution Support
  • Troubled or Failed Construction Project Turnarounds or Workouts
  • Governmental Agency Compliance Support
  • Environmental Issues
  • Real Estate Related Issues


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