HG Cornerstone provides real estate advisory and consulting services in connection with the acquisition, asset management, development, construction, rehabilitation, repositioning, and disposition of commercial and multi-family income producing properties.

dreamstime_xl_24314745 Our nationwide real estate advisory services reduce risk. Ask us how we can help.

At HG Cornerstone, we understand the inherent risk that investors take on when placing capital, time, and effort, not to mention their reputations, into the acquisition or development of a real estate asset. We feel that with that type of risk there should also come reward.

To help with the reward side of the equation, HG Cornerstone has developed a suite of real estate advisory services that are practical, hands-on, deliberate, and get to the bottom of where the risk lies. We feel that the investor should go into each and every acquisition and property repositioning effort armed with the most direct and current knowledge and information available about the property, its improvements, and its potential as possible, thereby reducing and managing risk. We are here to help you, the investor, make sound decisions based upon our research and advisory.

Our real estate advisory services are designed to work with the investor to minimize risk so that they can enter into the acquisition or development prepared, with fact-based research and knowledge about the property and its true potential.

We primarily approach things from an investor or owner’s point of view, with the main goal being to maximize the investor’s ability to capitalize on the real estate asset. That goal is achieved in different ways depending upon where the investor happens to be in the real estate process and the investor’s individual goals and strategies.

HG Cornerstone provides services to:

  • Individual & Institutional Owners/Investors
  • Asset Managers
  • Property Management Firms
  • REITs
  • Law Firms
  • Commercial Tenants
  • Insurers
  • Lenders
  • Architects & Engineers
  • General Contractors & Subcontractors
  • Specialty Consultants

Approaching things from the Real Estate Investor’s Point of View…

One of our main strengths and strategic advantages in real estate advisory, over that of other firms, is our adept ability to work on a variety of different projects and problem solving assignments simultaneously, offering relevant, research-based solutions that consider the investor’s overall strategy, keeping the end goal in mind.

When it comes to investment property acquisitions and matters of asset management, we help maximize the investor’s ROI through sound practices and innovative strategies. When it comes to design and construction management, we help minimize the investor’s exposure to risk, complete the project on time and in budget, and prevent time delays and change orders through proactive planning and our direct, hands-on approach to project management.

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